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Pinball Goes Into Hyperspace

Pinball fans and Android gamers can rejoice in knowing that there’s something a little different to the average pinball game avalable on Google Play and as usual, you can get it for absolutey (ad-supported) free!

I’ll just leave this info here…
Using a light ball, two flippers and your skills as a pinball wizard, you will experience a game like you’ve never played before with features like:

  • 20 levels of play: Each level has a unique background and variety of enemies all with unique capabilities; including boss battles every five levels! Three levels of difficulty let you work your way from learning how to play to scoring big points!
  • Combos, power-ups and enhancements: Score big combos by hitting as many aliens as possible before the ball touches the flipper. The more power-ups you gather, the more powerful the ball becomes and the more fun you have! Enhancements include multiball, extra balls, replays, score multipliers, and bonus points.
  • Cross-Platform Leaderboard: Compete for the top scores against other Android AND iOS players! Show those Apple gamers that Android is the way to play!
  • Achievements and unlockable features: Advancing through levels and performing special tricks will earn you achievements, and allow you to use new features including color trails coming from the ball, endurance mode, and being able to see the game from different camera perspectives.
  • Endurance mode: This is a special game mode where you only get one ball and you try to rack up as many alien kills as possible. Spend hours beating your old record!

In the “Boss Run” game mode, players combat enemy after powerful enemy in a race against the clock. Using a light ball, two flippers and your skills as a pinball wizard, you will experience:

  • A battle against a heavily guarded space island (just try not to cough over all the space dust you’ll stir up)…
  • A retro gaming experience that every child of the 80’s will recognize…
  • More challenges, including the ULTIMATE pinball duel where you and the game both have pinballs to fight aliens with, and you must be the first to earn 1,000 points!

All you need to do now is get it from Google Play and get playing!