Go On An Extreme Greenpeace Mission with Ship Simulator

VSTEP has announced its Greenpeace campaign for Ship Simulator Extremes which is set to be launched soon, but for now, there are just some details and a trailer to read and watch.
The Greenpeace campaign is one of three realistic campaigns featured in the game. In this campaign, players can sail actual Greenpeace vessels like the Esperanza as they confront oil dumping ships, track down illegal toxic waste dumping and save the whales from whale hunter vessels.

Take the rudder of the Rainbow Warrior III a full year before its actual completion. After successfully completing any of the nine historical Greenpeace missions, enjoy full motion documentary footage and interviews with Greenpeace Captain Pete Wilcox as part of your reward.
Ship Simulator Extremes should be released this Friday, August 27th for both retail and digital distribution, if you need more information, you can visit www.shipsim.com.