Angry Birds Land on Palm Pre’s

Rovio heard the plight of so many that wanted Angry Birds released for the Palm Pre and due to more than 6.5 million users making it the number one paid app in 69 countries, they decided to make it so.
Game info:
Angry Birds puts you in charge of a quirky flock of birds, whose natural tendencies towards love and nurture of their young are surpassed only by their limitless anger, when they discover a group of hungry pigs have stolen their eggs.

In an attempt to reclaim the eggs, you lead the birds to an intense assault on the strongholds of the pigs. Using a slingshot, you send the Angry Birds soaring through the air to smash the pigs and their puzzling hideouts. Angry Birds pairs smooth physics modeling with appealing cartoon visuals and audio to provide a fresh and gripping experience for everyone.
The quality is up to the usual standard of previous versions, meaning that users of the Palm Pre will benefit from the same experience as mobile gamers before them. Angry Birds should be available on the App Catalog now.

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