Spies on Your iOS Device

Seven years ago or so, an old classic from the 8-bit era was released onto consoles including the GameCube, previously, you could play it on the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 (among others), this summer will see it released for the iPhone and iPad.

Spy vs. Spy (1984 video game)
Ain’t technology great?! From humble, big pieces of plastic to something you hold in your hand, they all give a great amount of pleasure and a game like Spy vs Spy should keep your hands busy for quite some time.

  • Control the battlefield with BYOB (Bring Your Own Bomb) tactics
  • A plethora of traps, weapons, loot and mischief in modern and retro modes
  • Experience the revolutionary retro classic’s Simulvision™, Simulplay™ and Trapulator™ now in full HD
  • Try your hand at international espionage with online and local multiplayer matches.
  • All new campaign mode featuring the 8 original embassies as well as 16 new ones
  • Integrated Game Center leaderboards and achievements
  • “If you don’t succeed at first…spy, spy again.”-Alfred E. Neuman

The retro version is from the Commodore 64, probably because it was a bit more colourful than the ZX Spectrum version (which at the time was only 48k), but the 16 new missions are purely for the iOS version.
Visit http://robotsandpencils.com/factory/spy-vs-spy/ to see a trailer and to see the official website.