FortressCraft Patched, Coming To OnLive

FortressCraft has reached double figures in patch numbers by making it to 10, but while the latest patch is only for the Xbox Live Arcade version, the 11th one is already in development which will be more PC based.

Patch 10 fixes:

  • -32 player support (that’s 4 times more than Minecraft)
  • -Auto-balancing server load means reduced load times for clients
  • -Reduced Client side build lag to near zero!
  • -Many graphical and gameplay improvements to Spleef mode, to support the community-driven Friday Night Spleef! tournies.
  • -Live server status updating allows player to configure the server without quitting the game
  • -Fixed personal teleporter bugs
  • -Fixes to water reflections
  • -Minor fixes and optimization

Work in progress/upcoming fixes/features:

  • -Added FillSphere command, to create hollow spheres
  • -Added Flying Diggers and Builders
  • -Removed exploding diggers

New bugs/issues

  • -Copy/paste seems to lose its preview; it’s as if the IDs are being taken by the fast build/caulking/rebuild?
  • -Look into FixNode command, to verify every cube’s visibility, as well as remove rubble
  • -Look into splitting intro vid up into multiple shorter ones
  • -Check IDLE server flag
  • -Add AutoBalance server flag
  • -Stretch out the server flag text a bit, it’s all scrunched
  • -Fix up rubble at height 0/127 with fast build on

Tentative work

  • -Improved DrawDistance (15 or so) using new Split
  • – Machinery no longer requires customs. This includes doodads, lasers, factories, conveyors and jumppads.
  • – Beam inverters (‘NOT’ gates)
  • – Beam splitters
  • – Beam Combiners (‘OR’ gates)
  • – Customisable light objects
  • – Split screen working
  • – Physics/Graphics split finalised
  • – Customisable logic objects
  • – Extended range of customs; 128 ‘world’ customs and 384 ‘other’ customs. Customs can be moved to/from the world slots at any point
  • – ARTHER

So there you go, exciting stuff, eh!
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