Family Guy Video Game

It’s the game every Family Guy fan has waited for… or is it? It features the real voices of the characters, so that’s one good thing and the characters do actually resemble who they’re supposed to be.

It’s not bad. With five series’ to choose from, you wondered what was going to be featured in the game and it does seem like every best moment is featured in there.

Stewies mission is to shrink himself and get to Peters testicles, why, I’m not sure as the first thing you must do in Stewies mission is defeat Bertram, the result of what happens after Stewie has been to Peters testicles.

Brian basically has to go through the Police station and find files that clear him of impregnating Seabreeze and Peter seems to think that everyone is working for Mr. Belvedere and so goes on a rampage by knocking everyone out.

Controls are simple, except when trying to do Peters special moves, it could be due to a dodgy pad, I’m not sure, but you can only defeat certain enemies with special moves and when trying to do the one that takes out Police/SWAT, it takes a while to work and you end up losing too much health.

What can also get frustrating is trying to control the characters which are 2D in a 3D environment, you really need to keep an eye on the ground to see where your shadow is, so that you land where you’re supposed to and not go too far or not far enough to make it to ledges (mainly Stewies mission).

It might seem silly, but the controls are simple, it’s the controlling part that can be quite tricky at times. What can make a bit more annoying is when Peter has to face a load of enemies, you can punch adults and old people to knock them out, kick kids, dogs and police and a leg sweep move to take out SWAT. Whenever Peter gets hit, he says, “Argh! You bastard!”, that can get annoying after hearing it over and over and over, which brings me on to something I couldn’t understand.

When hitting people, they wouldn’t hit Peter, yet he would somehow take a hit and lose a big chunk of health for apparently no reason, not a very sensible thing to happen when medpacks are VERY scarce.

A little tip that’s useful especially for multiple police officers and SWAT, make sure you eat all the cookies and food that people drop after you hit them, they’re needed to do the spinning kick that’s so desperately needed if you’re going to survive.

The mini-games are just that, mini. They usually involve a brief cut-scene followed by an activity that lasts for a matter of seconds or maybe a minute, before you’re taken back to the main game to carry on. At least twice I wasn’t sure what was going on and before I knew it, the mini-game was over and I’m back into the main game waiting to start or going through another cut-scene.

It gave a feeling like the rest of the game did, you felt like you were being rushed along and that you didn’t want to take too much time over things before the message came up on the screen again telling you what to do.

To summarize the gameplay, you have Stewie in a platform shooter, Brian is more stealth than anything and Peters missions mostly take place in a side-scrolling beat-em-up style. It works very well and isn’t as bad as first thought, the 2D cell-shaded style works well and the character animation is smooth.

It’s just a bit of a pity that other members of the family weren’t involved a bit more, and not just appear when needed. Quagmire deserved a mission on his own, as any Family Guy fan will know, he’s one of the best characters in the show and I reckon the game would have benefited from a Quagmire mission.

It’s also a pity that it gets kind of repetitive as you basically do the same thing in each part of a characters mission, playing as Stewie means jumping up/on/over platforms or shooting people and stuff, Brian just has to sneak past people/police and Peter just beats people up.

It’s nice how they’ve managed to fit in a lot of references from the series, such as when Peter dressed up as a prostitute and features characters like the greased up deaf guy, but there’s that feeling that the game isn’t quite what you expected.

Obviously, when the game was announced all that while back, nobody knew what the game was going to be like and although it’s not a complete disappointment, it’s not a bad effort at something aimed towards fans of the series.

Die hard fans will like it for its references to the show, casual viewers will like it because it’s the game of the TV show, but gamers might not like it due to the gameplay being nothing too special and despite it having a 15 rating, that’s due to the language and dodgy references more than anything else.

There’s a decent amount of game time to keep you going for a while … if you can make it through without getting too frustrated.

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