Just .. doing stuff

Well, not much has happened over the last few days except I’ve been playing some games … or at least I would have been playing a couple more than I have been if they would work properly. Installed Mashed, played about 20 seconds before it just froze up with stuttering sound, so had to uninstall that, same with Need for Speed Underground 2 which I tried today just to get the same result.

A selection of whiskey miniatures

So, I’ve been playing more GTA and Guitar Hero II/III, watched the Bourne Trilogy which was an Xmas prezzie and have started watching the first disk of American Dad Wee Dram GlassVolume 2. Right now, I’m going to fire up a GTA game while starting on my little collection of whiskey miniatures that, four of which I had a couple of years ago and four I had this year.

I’ll be having maybe 3 or 4 tonight, but I’m already feeling a bit tired, so may just settle for 3 of them. Not only do I have the drinks, but also a special glass that came with four of the miniatures from a couple of years ago, a present that the missus got me for off the kids as it has a Stag engraved on it with ‘Dad’ underneath, so I’ll be enjoying the wee drams from it. To get it out of the way, I’ve started with the Famous Grouse due to it being a rough whiskey, it’s usually best to mix it with at least one part water to smooth it out and make it more drinkable.

Never mind though, I’ve got a bottle of Jack Daniel’s that will keep me happy over the new year… 😉