The original Geek Babe

Skip Jenkins has returned after not blogging for around 5 weeks and with his return, not only does he post a picture of a rather good-looking Mario, but someone who could be classed as the original Geek Babe due to how she looked back in the early 90’s, before geek girls were really known about.

Lisa Loeb was and still is quite the babe, she had distinct appearance due to her glasses that were a tad extravagant, but not overly garish. She came into the limelight with a debut single that was an instant hit, Stay (I Missed You) of which I bought, but got stolen with my CD collection when I was burglarized in ’96.

Considering she’s almost 40, she hasn’t changed and is still a babe and wow, she is so fit…

That’s from her TV show, #1 Single and it seems she still mingles with the stars of today like the also gorgeous Fergie.

Lisa Loeb with Fergie

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