Just plodding along

Well, not really being doing much lately, I seem to be going through quite a messed up sleeping pattern where I can sleep for so many hours during the night and then havingJack Daniel's about another 3 hours or so in the evening.

Not been playing many games except for a bit of GTA and Guitar Hero II and III with Rocks the 80s maybe due tomorrow as it was posted on Monday, so I’ll be having a good look at that and going through all the songs, especially that The Romantics song to see what the big deal is about. I can’t believe they tried to sue Activision because it “sounds too much like” them, don’t they realise that it’s a cover and supposed to sound like them?

Anyway, I’ll be opening my bottle of Jack Daniel’s a bit later to have a tipple of JD and coke, only proper Coca-Cola though, not cheap shop brand crap that tastes crap. JD is top quality stuff and deserves only to be mixed with Coca-Cola or Pepsi (or any top brand of lemonade like Schweppes if that’s what you prefer).