How Much Will You Earn To Die?

This Thursday, September 20th, prepare to Earn to Die. Don’t worry, it’s not the apocalypse just yet, it’s a game from Australian game publisher Not Doppler which was once an online Flash game, but is coming to the iTunes App Store.

Earn to Die is an action-packed driving game in which the player must not only drive their way through each level, but smash through countless hordes of zombies along the way!
In addition to driving through hordes of zombies; as the game progresses the player will be able to unlock new vehicles, including a race car, a school-bus and even a hippie van! Best of all, each vehicle comes with a range of upgrades, allowing the player to customise their vehicle with boosters, guns, spiked frames and more.

You’ll be able to buy it for either the iPhone/iPod Touch or an HD version for the iPad at 99c and $2.99 respectively.

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