Beaver on with Science

Tatem Games has announced that they have launched a new puzzler for the iPad called SciBeaver which uses real lifelike light physics and only costs 69p (99c), so while it might be some fun for you, kids would have a blast with it.

Some info:
SciBeaver is a level-based puzzle which revolves around properties and powers of light. Throughout 42 levels introduced initially and more coming soon, the player needs to focus, guide and alter the properties of light using various lenses, mirrors and light portals. Burning the exit door to set the protagonist free is a final goal in each level and an increasingly tricky challenge.

SciBeaver is full of humor and drama, boasts of detailed graphics and employs a smart scoring system which counts percentage of light wasted to give room for high replayability as players strive for excellence and compete on global leaderboards. Most of the levels have more than one solution so puzzle fans can spend hours figuring best use of light-guiding mechanisms along with classic TNT crates, ropes and wooden planks.
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