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Daniel Licht Scores Dishonored

The game is set to launch on October 9th, but Dishonored has already won awards and now an announcement that Daniel Licht is to score the soundtrack of the game, his previous efforts include Silent Hill: Downpour and the TV show, Dexter.

Game info:
Dishonored is set in the industrial city of Dunwall reminiscing England during the late 1800’s-early 1900’s, following Corvo Atano a legendary bodyguard who was framed for murder. Each design was hand drawn instead of procedurally reproduced. With magical abilities, access to weaponry and 40 bone charms that grant the player more control such as increasing the duration of rat possession, Corvo seeks revenge on those who conspired against him. To convey Dishonored’s steampunk style Daniel Licht stated “I wanted the music to reflect 19th century London combined with modern elements, so I composed a dark ambient score with atonal textures including the Stardivari Hammer violin.” Dishonored has been nominated and received awards including Best Action/Adventure Game, Best Console Game and Best Original Game.
English: Dan Licht at the 2011 Comic ConComposer info:
Daniel Licht has built a solid reputation for original instrumentation in both film and television composing. Licht is currently scoring his 7th consecutive season of Showtime’s Emmy Award winning series Dexter and NBC’s new midseason drama Infamous. Licht’s composing credits include, Stephen King’s Thinner, Cowboy Up, The Winner, Dumbstruck, Splendor, Children of the Corn II, ABC’s Body of Proof and Konami videogame Silent Hill: Downpour. He recently received a standing ovation for his performance of his Dexter music to a sold out concert in Hollywood that featured a special introduction by Michael C. Hall (Dexter). Licht will be performing an additional concert of his macabre music featuring music of Dexter on October 29, 2012 at Largo at the Cornet in West Hollywood. In January, Licht was named “Composer of the Year” at the Third Annual Horror Awards in Moscow, Russia.