New DLC, Hell Yeah!

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit has only been available for a short while, so when you see news of downloadable content, you’re all like, woah Nelly! Give us chance to play the game first!

Worry not oh gaming friends, it will not be launched until October 24th, giving you a couple of weeks to really get your teeth into it and shred your way through Hell.

Hell Yeah! DLC 01 Hell Yeah! DLC 02 Hell Yeah! DLC 03
Hell Yeah! DLC 04 Hell Yeah! DLC 05 Hell Yeah! DLC 06
Hell Yeah! DLC 07 Hell Yeah! DLC 08 Hell Yeah! DLC 09

For Ash, the Prince of Hell, vengeance is neither short nor sweet. If you’re going to kill, you want to look hot doing it and take your time over your options. With over 50 masks for Ash and 11 driller skins available for his deadly jet pack driller, you can create hell in style using the Pimp My Rabbit pack for £1.99.
Also, test how hot your shooting and speed-running skills are in 50 thrilling challenges adding over 3 hours of gameplay with the The Virtual Rabbit Missions for £3.69. Only the mightiest rabbit can survive!