No Twitter or Facebook in New Dash Update

Microsoft seem to think they know what we want without the need for market research, sort of like Electronic Arts in that respect as they also think they can tell us what we want instead of taking the time to ask.

Xbox 360The new Xbox 360 dashboard update is arriving on October 23rd and it seems Microsoft doesn’t want us to use the Facebook or Twitter apps anymore, but were they really that popular to begin with?
I’ll admit, there was some novelty at first and most people were probably a little excited at the fact you could update your Facebook and/or Twitter status via your console, did anyone really bother again after the first couple of weeks?
Without any particular prior warning, MS are removing the apps in the next update and quite honestly, nobody will really miss them. They give an excuse of streamlining apps, but shouldn’t it be up to the console owner what they want or not? Did you ever use the Facebook and Twitter apps extensively or even at all?
I’ve always considered consoles were gaming machines, not “entertainment systems” anyway.