Are You a Moron?

The Moron Test is a quiz game. The old school ...

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Yes? No? Well let The Moron Test decide, over 700,000 people have taken the test and that’s just on the Android Market, now it’s available for iOS users to see if their intelligence is above normal or not.

“Seeing these results on the Android platform convinced us that a Lite version for the iTunes App Store was essential,” says Berkeley Malagon, president and CEO of DistinctDev. “We’re excited about comparing the performance across the two platforms and sharing the results with the community.”

Some info:
The Lite version consists of the “Old School” section which originally made up the entirety of The Moron Test, and was the number one paid app on the US iTunes App Store at launch. The game tests players’ intelligence and acuity by challenging them to think outside the box. It includes more than 45 questions and the 100+ original steps that hone their speed, memory and reflex.

“The initial version of The Moron Test was a great value at $0.99,” says Steven Malagon, Co-Founder and CTO of DistinctDev. “Now the same $0.99 version has 4 times the content, along with achievements and leader boards via OpenFeint integration (currently iPhone-only, coming soon to Android). The Lite version is doing a great job of communicating this value to players!”

The Lite version can be found on iTunes or if you prefer the Android version, then so be it.
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