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Are Your Pygmies a Moron Pest?

In a bizarre mix of games, Pocket God has crossed paths with The Moron Test to create Episode 37: The Moron Pest which is a new update for Pocket God from Bolt Creative for you to download. Episode 37: The Moron Pests includes a brand-new mini-game for fanatical deities to enjoy. Similar to The Runs, a previously introduced mini-game, this latest challenge will have players answering a series of questions, similar to what is found in The Moron Test, as they try to outrun the turtle from the The Moron Test by correctly answering the seemingly misleading Q&A. For every wrong answer they get, players will slow down, with enough wrong answers resulting in their demise. Players will also have to fend off rubber ducks as they try to get away from their pursuers, as well as a variety of other foes. Get your Godly hands on it by visiting the App Store to get Pocket God.

WP7 Welcomes Morons

Thanks to DinstinctDev, you can now take The Moron Test if you own a Windows Phone 7 and see if you can pass with flying colours or be labelled thick as pig… muck. “We’re excited to bring The Moron Test to Windows Phone 7’s Zune Marketplace, because we’re very optimistic about the platform’s potential to gain widespread adoption. Nokia’s plan to begin using Windows Phone 7 for their devices was a surprise that makes the launch of this version even more fitting,” says Berkeley Malagon, President and CEO of DistinctDev. “We have always been eager to bring our game to as many people and platforms as possible. The Moron Test is an experience that is best shared with friends, so we want to make sure that all smartphone users have the chance to enjoy our app.”

Are You a Moron?

Yes? No? Well let The Moron Test decide, over 700,000 people have taken the test and that’s just on the Android Market, now it’s available for iOS users to see if their intelligence is above normal or not. “Seeing these results on the Android platform convinced us that a Lite version for the iTunes App Store was essential,” says Berkeley Malagon, president and CEO of DistinctDev. “We’re excited about comparing the performance across the two platforms and sharing the results with the community.”