Celebs Enjoy Skylanders Zoo Launch

As you may have seen in this weeks chart, Skylanders Giants entered in second place, not quite knocking FIFA 13 off the top and one of the reasons it reached so high could be due to a special launch at ZSL London Zoo.

Jasmine GuinnessPresenter Donna Air and designer/fashion model, Jasmine Guinness (pictured) were a couple of mums who took their kids to the zoo for the launch, along with dad Richard Jones from the band, The Feeling who brought his son, Sonny for the day to join in and play the game.
The kids were also treated to a Skylanders Giants inspired Treasure Hunt and even the chance to have their photograph taken with Skylanders through green screen technology.
A new addition to Skylanders is Tree Rex who was at the zoo for a day and took time to visit a fellow, Real-Life™ giant, Dirk the Zoo’s resident male Galapagos Tortoise, who, if you know your tortoises, can be as long as 1.8 meters and live over 100 years.
For all the info you can handle about Skylanders Giants, visit www.skylanders.com.

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