Joystick Wagglers Favourite Comes To iOS & Android

Oh the days of holding the base of your joystick and waggling the hell out of it, you’d be so out of breath at the end, but when you saw that you had broken the world record, all that effort was worth it.

Daley Thompson's Decathlon

“I have often said if I had a pound for everyone who comes up to me in the street and says they loved the game but almost wore out their computer joysticks or fingers playing my decathlon game in the 80,’s I would be a millionaire! And it felt right this year with the Games in London to bring it back out for phones and tablet computers – I loved playing it then and am getting pretty good at the new version!“ commented Double Olympic Champion Daley Thompson.

I don’t know what you thought I was referring to, but get your mind out of the gutter for a minute and see that I’m talking about Daley Thompson’s Decathlon which was produced by Ocean and released back in 1984.
It was an instant classic. I remember playing it on my good old Speccy, banging away at the keyboard and my mum coming up saying, “Christ! What the bloody hell you doing?” and it’s a good thing the ZX Spectrum 48k+ was built so sturdy or it would have been obliterated by thousands of gamers who would prefer to use the keyboard than a joystick.
Game info:
The new game has kept much of the integrity of the original along with a retro look and feel. The two days of the decathlon include: Day One – 100m, Long Jump, Shot Put, High Jump and 400m. Day two – 110 hurdles, Discus, Pole Vault, Javelin and the 1500m. You can progress from training through to different levels of challenge, to the equivalent of international competition. Integrated social media means players will be able to compete with friends and fellow gamers by posting their achievements to Twitter and Facebook.
It’s available now for Android and iOS devices.

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