Pool Nation Coming To XBLA

Pool Nation is the ultimate pixel-perfect pool game for Xbox, featuring photo-realistic graphics, real-world physics, and a wealth of game modes and rule sets.

The first title from CherryPop Games, Pool Nation also sports twelve gloriously detailed location variants with uniquely designed tables, and a wealth of features – from both online tournaments and offline career modes, to an impressively shiny wad of unlockable extras, such as ball sets, table decals and cues.

Pool Nation 12 Pool Nation 13

Endurance mode – Exclusive to Pool Nation, endurance will keep you coming back again and again to sample its sweet, sweet pot-against-the-clock frantically styled action. How long can you last? That’s the question. Will your balls turn black? Or purple?

Pool Nation 01 Pool Nation 02 Pool Nation 03 Pool Nation 04

Perspiration breaks out on your forehead. Something trickles down your leg. You hope it’s sweat. The balls are mounting up. You can’t see a clear shot. Panic is taking hold. And you’re only 2 minutes in.
Pixel perfect graphics – You’ve never seen balls look so perfect and shiny. You’ll find yourself strangely compelled to look at them at the oddest hour. You’ll want to tell your friends about them. And best of all, you can admire them in any one of twelve equally perfect and shiny location variants.

Pool Nation 05 Pool Nation 06 Pool Nation 07 Pool Nation 08

Slow motion replays – Discover the oddly compelling thrills of watching chalk dust at 1/100th speed. Slam into the 9 ball, and marvel at how the cushion deforms when hit. And the best thing – you can save replays of entire matches and watch them back at your leisure. Who knows – they could become the holiday slide show for the 21st century.

Pool Nation 09 Pool Nation 11

9 game types plus tour modes – From classic 8 and 9-ball games, to Killer and the frantic Speed Pool, Pool Nation just keeps on giving. Master each game, then prove your worth in the exclusive tour modes. Can you complete all challenges, unlock all the ball sets, decals and cues, and beat every virtual opponent thrown at you?

Online matches and tournaments – You’re a pool playing ninja. You know it. Your family and friends know it. Now some complete stranger half way round the world can know it too. Take on all-comers in either single matches or online tournaments. Soon the whole world will know the name… MonkeyBoy13q92bW
Text source: Fact Sheet
Pool Nation is scheduled for release on Xbox Live Arcade, October 31st.

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