Tropico 4 Enters Pirate Heaven

New downloadable content ahoy ye scurvy lot! El Presidente can now ignore those silly international customs and bring booty onto the island by importing them through the new Smuggler’s Hut building.

Tropico Pirate Heaven 01 Tropico Pirate Heaven 02 Tropico Pirate Heaven 03
Tropico Pirate Heaven 04 Tropico Pirate Heaven 05 Tropico Pirate Heaven 06

For just £3.49 (through the Kalypso Launcher or £3.99 on Steam), your minions will now be able to resort to piracy as a way of making quick money, though all that ship hijacking, ransoming, pillaging and plundering is sure to attract international attention (and ire), so you’ll need to build up your defences to protect Tropico from invasion! Last but never least; players can dress up their female avatars with the new “Pirate Queen” outfit, giving just a bit more flair to your in-game persona.
The Xbox 360 version is coming later this year.

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