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King of Kings 3 Completes Beta

The beta for King of Kings 3 has been completed and now gamingo has opened up the MMORPG to anyone and everyone in the US and Europe, there appears to be mention of a website of which doesn’t appear to be in the info, so will link that later on.
Previously, the accessible area was relatively small, now that it’s more widely available, players now have access to 15 new regions, characters can be leveled up to level 90 and PvP combat has apparently become even more dynamic. Around three months of beta testing was done with all suggestions for improvement were collected and then implemented such as the fighting style and balancing were adapted and localization was also continually improved upon.Some of the features:

  • Brilliantly-designed fantasy world full of variety
  • Comprehensive PvE content with loads of quests and minigames
  • Epic RvR warfare and intense PvP combat
  • Multi-leveled guild system with guilds, legions, and kingdoms
  • Unique housing and town building system
  • Dozens of mounts that can also level up
  • A total of 27 different character classes

If all that sounds rather spiffing to you and you’d like to check it out, the website you need is, enjoy!