Dizzy Unlikely To Return

As Kickstarters go, success depends on reaching the target. If the money isn’t raised on time, the Kickstarter creator doesn’t get any money and they either go back to the drawing board to create another strategy, dump the idea altogether or continue without funding whichever way they can.

Dizzy – The Ultimate Cartoon AdventureUnfortunately, it looks like the Oliver Twins won’t see the fruit of their loins be brought back to life since they’re over £325,000 away from their Dizzy Returns Kickstarter campaign with only a week to go. Although disheartened by the fact the project won’t see the light of day, they’ve thanked the supporters who have donated and shown interest and have planned to share what they had already done in design and artwork.
It’s a lesson learned and although it has proven there are still fans and supporters of the Dizzy franchise, it’s regrettably not enough for the project to go forward, but judging from the latest (ninth) update, it might be a case of never say never.
“Regardless of whether we make a brand new Dizzy adventure or not, there’s no doubt that he has a place in gaming history.” That’s not a definitive ‘you never know’, personally, I read that as a ‘maybe we can work on it over time’. Maybe they will, who knows what will happen in the next 12 months, it’s just a shame that some projects spend all their money before even finishing the product, yet established developers like the Oliver Twins have found it hard to accumulate even ten percent of their target.
It’s sad to see we won’t see another Dizzy game released unless something drastic happens in the next seven days. If you want to see the Kickstarter page for Dizzy Returns, go to www.kickstarter.com/projects/theolivertwins/dizzy-returns and pray for a miracle.