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Legrand Legacy Kickstarter Funded

Legrand Legacy – Tale of the Fatebounds, to give its full title, was originally a Kickstarter campaign asking for the handsome sum of £85,000. There was a lot of interest, some high-profile people and websites gave it praise, yet that didn’t warrant a success story.

InSomnia Now Accepts PayPal

InSomnia is the successful Kickstarter from Studio MONO, it got funded and reached a few stretch goals, but more can be achieved by those who missed out pledging on Kickstarter.

Elite Royalties Not Paid

Elite is the company behind the Kickstarter for the Bluetooth ZX Spectrum and it seems people aren’t too happy about how Elite hasn’t been paying royalties, causing backers to cut their pledge to the minimum £1.

Bluetooth ZX Spectrum First Image Reveal

There has been a bunch of ‘hi-res’ images of the Bluetooth ZX Spectrum released, but they’re pretty much all the same, so there is just one in this article. There are also some interesting links, so it’s not all bad.

Kristian Fosh, the Man Behind Jason the Greek

Kristian Fosh created his own little indie studio called DreamFever due to a passion for creating games, but he isn’t new to game development and in an interview, tells us about how and why Jason the Greek became his new project.

Get Jason the Greek On the Map

Now the policy on MG is that Kickstarters which are doomed to fail won’t get coverage. Jason the Greek: Ladies of Lemnos on the other hand is already a third funded and actually appears to have something unique about it.

Can Road Rash Be Redeemed?

DarkSeas Games has started a Kickstarter to help fund a project called Road Redemption, which will feature Road Rash-style gameplay along with all current and next-gen capabilities and best of all, be DRM-free.

Dizzy Unlikely To Return

As Kickstarters go, success depends on reaching the target. If the money isn’t raised on time, the Kickstarter creator doesn’t get any money and they either go back to the drawing board to create another strategy, dump the idea altogether or continue without funding whichever way they can.

Dizzy to Return Via Kickstarter

The original creators of Dizzy, the Oliver brothers, have started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund a brand new adventure featuring the oval one, Dizzy. Philip and Andrew (no, not those ones) are hoping to raise £350,000 in order to bring the egg back.