Get Jason the Greek On the Map

Now the policy on MG is that Kickstarters which are doomed to fail won’t get coverage. Jason the Greek: Ladies of Lemnos on the other hand is already a third funded and actually appears to have something unique about it.

DreamFever is a one-man indie studio who wants to bring his creation to fruition by raising funds on Kickstarter which at the time of posting has already raised £3,345 of its £10,000 target and with under sixteen days left.
So, what’s so unique about what may seem like just another point-and-click adventure game?
Well, although set in the Greek mythology age, it has a cartoon look to it with the inspirational styling of Star Trek and Jason and the Argonauts mixed in with some silliness to make it a mythological sci-fi spoof.
Jason the Greek
Kris Fosh isn’t a newcomer to the scene, he’s previously worked on other indie games such as Arcanists and Zombie Dawn, some mobile titles and even on the popular MMORPG, RuneScape.
Now he’s going it alone with this new project which he says, “It’s an eccentric take on the theme that hasn’t been seen before in popular culture, blending two of the most famous crews in legend – Enterprise meets Argo.”

Jason the Greek features include:

  • Interact with characters, objects, items and crabs!
  • Solve mysteries and uncover a dark secret (oooo)!
  • Romance a Princess!
  • Escape from a Princess’s bedroom before she wakes up.
  • And basically steal any item that isn’t nailed to the floor…
  • Jason is a mix of the Greek hero of myth, the legendary Captain Kirk… and a little Zapf Brannigan.
  • Unique cartoon style point ‘n’ click adventure where almost anything could be an item to use.

It’s the first part to a potential three part series that, depending how generous your donation is, could feature you as one of the unfortunate ‘Red Skirt’ characters and even choose how you die.
Visit the Kickstarter page and get backing, the rewards are totally worth it, even at the lower tiers!
You can also visit the official website for more details and to download the demo.

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