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Build An Extension On Your PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home is something I’ve never really bothered with, I heard about Home Tycoon and gave it a go once, now that an expansion has been announced, I may even go back for another go some time soon.

Playstation HomeHome Tycoon: Rising Revenues brings new features to the free-to-play game on PlayStation Home, you don’t need to do anything except connect, go to Home Tycoon and the expansion should download to your PS3 to add the following features:

  • Explore your custom city at street level as your PlayStation Home avatar
  • Balance your economy to maximize income, population growth, & citizen happiness
  • Unlock over 50 avatar rewards and more than 60 buildings
  • Aggressive Promotions: free expansion pack featuring new missions, buildings, and rewards
  • Winter Wonderland Building Pack: 4 new buildings with falling snow, animated lights, and unique ambient sound
  • Hometown Tower: new high-rise residential building
  • VIP Gold Coin Pack unlocks the Gold Mayor’s Suit & Gold El Valiente car, and permanently raises the Worker cap to 45
  • Free “Move” command added to Planner Mode
  • New cash rewards for revisiting and completing activities
  • Various bug fixes and gameplay improvements
  • Building stat enhancements for improved gameplay balance
  • Green arrows above other players in the same city make it easier to locate friends
  • Custom GS 828 vehicle paint jobs: Flames and Racing Stripes
  • Wider range of Home Tycoon Dollar options added to the Store
  • Two new stores added to the Home Tycoon Train Station: SpeedWings and Premium

Some of those features are already in Home Tycoon, but to get something you won’t find while playing, you need to go to and claim a free Pirate Chainsaw for you to play with.