GTA: San Andreas Hits PSN

This Wednesday saw the release of one of the best classics in the Grand Theft Auto series, San Andreas was launched on the PlayStation Store and is basically the PlayStation 2 version, tweaked to play on PlayStation 3.

Grand Theft Auto San AndreasThere is a video called “The Introduction” to help prepare you  for San Andreas life, it lasts for 20 minutes and is a prologue of what happened before the story begins. If you’ve played Vice City, then you’ll have heard of characters like Ken Rosenberg and Kent Paul who have made it to Los Santos and you have interactions with them at some point in the game.
If you already have the PS2 original or on any other format, you probably won’t want to spend another £11.99 on the PlayStation Store, just fire it up on whichever system you have it on and enjoy the classic.
If you’d prefer to play it on the Xbox 360, it’s available on there, too.

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