Golden Sun Rises After A Dark Dawn


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Action RPG on a DS you say, well there’s apparently been two incarnations of Golden Sun before the latest which is due to launch on December 10th and called Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.
The DS is a fine bit of machinery to be able to sit and play these kind of games for some hours, adventuring away, exploring and killing stuff in the name of Psynergy. Eh? Weyard is the world of which you’re in, but there’s a bit of a problem, vortexes are spreading everywhere and sucking all the Psynergy away, might not sound like that much of a problem until you consider that it’s the elemental magic needed to harness the power of earth, wind, water and fire used to defeat enemies and solve puzzles.

The jist of it:
You’ll take on the role of Matthew, the new protagonist in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Matthew – a Venus Adept like his father, Isaac, the protagonist from the first Golden Sun – is joined by Terrell, a Mars Adept (and son of Garet, Isaac’s closest companion from the first two games) and Karis, a female Jupiter Adept. Other characters will join the adventure during the game, along with many Djinn – mysterious elemental creatures that support you in battle.
Collecting Djinn forms a core element of the game as they can be set to any Adept and used to boost statistics by varying amounts – so you’ll need to think strategically about how they use the Djinn they collect. Djinn from the first two games will return along with brand new Djinn to discover, which will be welcome news to fans of the series.
Sounds pretty good with its 3D graphics and emotional response system that allows you to react in different ways for certain senarios, kinda like Mass Effect. Then there’s the new Weapon Mastery feature which let’s you get better at using a weapon the more you use it, sort of like Borderlands that makes you more proficient every time you use a certain weapon.
New Psynergies are available to characters, adding new depth to puzzles, and an optional Touch Screen command system allows for intuitive gameplay, enabling certain Psynergies to be directed using the Touch Screen and stylus. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn also contains a comprehensive encyclopaedia, allowing the player to become fully immersed in the mythology of Golden Sun.
If you’ve played a Golden Sun title before, you’ll know what to expect from Dark Dawn, even though it has some new and improved features, if you haven’t, well it could be worth giving some attention to…

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