Baby Ninja’s Flip Onto the iPad

Ninja’s of any size are pretty much awesome and there have been many of various sizes in several videogames over the years, but now it’s time for the smallest (possibly, maybe even smaller than Mini Ninja’s) of them all to make an appearance.

Baby Ninja has landed on the App Store for the iPhone and iPad in which, as all (most) babies do, your task is to collect teddy bears by running and jumping your way through, while getting all ninjatastic on bad teddies.
Info that poofed out of nowhere:
Babies likes fruits but pay attention not all fruits are good. Use your ninja sword, throwing star or many other ninja kicks to destroy the bad fruits.

A modern hira-shurikenCollect Ninja icons to run faster with Ninja Power and to be deathless. Baby Ninja also uses OpenFeint, so players can collect points for top of the global leader boards.
Links of great power:, App Store.

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