Rockstar Give Banhammer Update

As previously announced, Rockstar went all ban-happy with Red Dead Redemption to curb all the illegal activity such as exploit whoring, hacked gamesaves and suchlike from gamers on all systems and removed all the gamertags and PSN IDs that had been naughty and not bothered to redeem themselves by going clean.
Now that two months have passed since the first wave of the banhammer, Rockstar are giving those who failed redemption another chance to show that they’re now playing clean and can play multiplayer as fair as the rest of the innocent community. Here is what they had to say about the second wave:
We have also detected some other rotten apples out there with hacked game saves who weren’t initially banned, including those that were still attempting to play with hacked multiplayer save files.  These Gamertags and PSN IDs will now be penalized as part of a second wave of banning as such cheating is a clear violation of our code of conduct, punishable at our sole discretion.

If you have been banned and wish to get back in our good graces to be reinstated – delete your hacked save files, for both single player and multiplayer.  Everything is wiped when deleting saves with the exception of Achievements/Trophies, pre-order items, and cheats unlocked through Social Club.  Note that after deleting your hacked game saves, you will then need to go online with Red Dead Redemption for it to register that you’re now playing clean and do the following:

  • For single-player saves, you will need to re-play the game while connected until you gain access to the safehouse at MacFarlane’s Ranch.
  • For multiplayer saves, you will need to play one full multiplayer game online or do one Gang Hideout.

Lastly – just as we said in our first round of banning, the comments area below is not the place to share your side of the story or to give excuses – all such comments here and in other posts will be deleted, subject to our terms of service.
Please instead direct any and all correspondence on this subject to [email protected] and we will have a look there.
So, if you still haven’t removed your hacked saves or don’t want to play clean, then you will stay or be banned from Red Dead Redemption multiplayer, basically.