Super Minecraft Boy?

Whilst checking Twitter today, I noticed a little conflab between Notch and SuperMeatBoy which basically ended in a possible crossover of games.

It started off with the Meat Team spamming away to promote Super Meat Boy (‘spam’ming… see what I did thar?) and notch replying, what happened next could quite possibly be the most awesome thing to happen in the last 12 months of gaming history.

From around 4 hours ago…

@SuperMeatBoy: Please continue to post about and tell all your friends to buy the game… tomorrow we will do another contest!
@notch replies: @SuperMeatBoy I don’t think I can pimp it more! I mean physically, there’s no room!
@SuperMeatBoy replies: @notch hey notch.. hows about you let us use mr. minecraft as a playable character in the pc version 🙂 (putting you on the spot)
@notch replies: @SuperMeatBoy permission hereby granted! I need to add meat blocks.
@SuperMeatBoy replies: @notch rock n roll man, ill work out the char details with you via email (away from all these pervs)

And thus, in just a brief exchange of tweets, another landmark in gaming history is (or soon will be) made and would be a nice exclusive bonus to the PC version.

Get Super Meat Boy now for just 800 MS Points for the next four weeks when it will rise up to 1200.