Go on a quest for paradise on the iPad

I-play has announced its first app for the iPad – Paradise Quest HD – which is now available in the Apple App Store. Taking the highly popular Paradise Quest experience to an all-new platform, players will now be able to enjoy the unique and addicting Match-3 game experience with dazzling HD graphics and flawless touch-screen controls.
Game info:
In Paradise Quest HD, players embark on a tropical adventure as they take on the role of the renowned ecologist Dr. Evan Finch. They must restore the majestic island of Isabela to its former beauty by collecting natural resources to revive lush vegetation, restoring a mighty animal kingdom, and uncovering the ancient artifacts of a lost Galapagos civilization.

“The iPad provides so many innovative gaming capabilities, including hi-def resolution and a large, user-friendly touch screen, and we wanted to make sure our first game for the device would really take advantage of these features,” said Tony Leamer, VP of Marketing at I-play. “With Paradise Quest such a great success on both the PC and iPhone, we believe that its revolutionary twist on Match-3 gameplay, where players use matches to move around and explore the board, is perhaps an even better fit for the iPad.”

Delivering top-notch production value, gorgeous visual rewards and extensive gameplay, players will enjoy brilliantly colorful graphics, enchanting sound effects, and challenging, fun gameplay as they seek out special items and explore and restore the once lush environments of Isabela. The game also offers a unique navigation style that moves players around the gameplay board using their most recent match. For those who want to share the journey with others, the game offers a cross-platform interactive multiplayer mode that allows users to challenge their friends, iPad to iPad or iPad to iPhone/iPod. Additionally, players who want to take their quest to the next level will be able to unlock the Paradise Nights bonus pack, which offers 20 new levels as part of an in-game micro-transaction purchase.