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Behold, The Age of Mushroom Is Coming!

G5 Entertainment have seen the future and that future is mushrooms. Man has come a long way to reach the level of evolution we are now at, but G5 has seen past even the next stage to show us that before we reach the Pure Energy stage, we will become mushrooms. All this can be explained in the form of an iPhone and iPad puzzler called Mushroom Age which was originally developed for PC by NevoSoft and reached top of the charts of virtually all casual game portals due to being downloaded several million times.

Flip Some Stones On The iPhone

PressOK Entertainment has launched Flipstones, a line-drawing puzzle combo game for the growing iPhone developer. “All of us love line-drawing and puzzle games, so Flipstones was extremely fun to develop. We had a lot of invaluable input from our beta testers during the process which helped get the game to where it is today. We think the final product will do really well on the App Store and we’re excited to be launching it today” Says Ryan Morel, vp of business development for PressOK Entertainment.

Get Scribbling On Your Mobile

When Windows Phone 7 is released, so is a game from Elbert Perez called Scribble Defense. You are the Scribble Meister, a master of inks and defender of Scribbles. As their sole protector, you alone defend them from an unrelenting march of vicious Scrawls. Each puzzling level will challenge you to play creatively; deploy destructive towers to unleash powerful attacks, or kinetic towers to manipulate foes and the very paths they use to assault you. Hurry, the Scribbles need your help!

Get Some Treasures For Your iPhone iOS 4

Looking for a puzzle game for journeys you may embark upon this summer and have run out of apps to play with on your iPhone? Well if you have the iOS 4 installed or even an iPhone 4, then Tropical Treasures Pocket Edition could be just what you’re looking for. Game info: Launch gems by touching the gem launcher anywhere on the red line. Match 3 or more of the same colour horizontally or vertically to clear gems to gain points and bonuses etc. If any gems reach the base of the waterfall the game is over! You must continue to match gems to also prevent the play timer running out of time. Hitting a snake gem will cause all adjacent gems both horizontally and vertically to explode, whether they match or not.

Go on a quest for paradise on the iPad

I-play has announced its first app for the iPad – Paradise Quest HD – which is now available in the Apple App Store. Taking the highly popular Paradise Quest experience to an all-new platform, players will now be able to enjoy the unique and addicting Match-3 game experience with dazzling HD graphics and flawless touch-screen controls. Game info: In Paradise Quest HD, players embark on a tropical adventure as they take on the role of the renowned ecologist Dr. Evan Finch. They must restore the majestic island of Isabela to its former beauty by collecting natural resources to revive lush vegetation, restoring a mighty animal kingdom, and uncovering the ancient artifacts of a lost Galapagos civilization.

iPhone gets a little blocky

Big Pixel Studios have launched their latest title Piyo Blocks 2, the magical match-em-up sequel to the iPhone original Piyo Blocks. Game info: Building on the classic block matching and combo building of the original, Piyo Blocks 2 adds a wealth of new features, including completely revamped graphics with an all-new look and feel. The game features updated versions of three game modes from the original – Piyo, Hyaku, and Time Attack – and the new “just one more try” Three Second mode! In addition to multiple single player modes, Piyo Blocks 2 adds a multiplayer battle mode to its catalogue – allowing 2 players to battle it out over WiFi or Bluetooth. You can really put your combo building to the test in a two player game, allowing you to build up your “combo meter” to send a variety of attacks to your opponentʼs game.