Behold, The Age of Mushroom Is Coming!

G5 Entertainment have seen the future and that future is mushrooms. Man has come a long way to reach the level of evolution we are now at, but G5 has seen past even the next stage to show us that before we reach the Pure Energy stage, we will become mushrooms.
All this can be explained in the form of an iPhone and iPad puzzler called Mushroom Age which was originally developed for PC by NevoSoft and reached top of the charts of virtually all casual game portals due to being downloaded several million times.

Game info:
The Mushroom Age is a wild seek-and-find adventure through the past, present, and future! Our heroine, Vera, is desperately searching for her fiancé, Tom, who disappeared just days before their wedding. When Vera activates a time machine at Tom’s work, it starts her on an epic quest to not only find Tom, but to save the world from history-changing villains. Race against time as you solve challenging puzzles and find hidden objects alongside a cast of characters that range from a dinosaur to Socrates. So, why call it “The Mushroom Age?” You’ll have to play to find out!
Mushroom Age for iPhone supports iPhone 4 Retina Display resolution, providing a stunningly detailed crystal clear image. iOS 4 multitasking is also supported.
The game features:

  • Beautiful graphics and fantastic characters
  • Great story line
  • 45 Levels in 23 Chapters
  • Over 40 mesmerizing mini-games
  • Strange and amazing landscapes
  • Save the past and future!

Choose your version: iPhone or iPad.
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