Flip Some Stones On The iPhone

PressOK Entertainment has launched Flipstones, a line-drawing puzzle combo game for the growing iPhone developer.

“All of us love line-drawing and puzzle games, so Flipstones was extremely fun to develop. We had a lot of invaluable input from our beta testers during the process which helped get the game to where it is today. We think the final product will do really well on the App Store and we’re excited to be launching it today”

Says Ryan Morel, vp of business development for PressOK Entertainment.
More info:
Flipstones combines line-drawing, strategy, puzzle and sequence to create an exciting challenge for all gamers. Get flippin’ on your iDevice and download the game for $1.99 from the App Store: itunes.com/app/flipstones
The full version of Flipstones is packed with two game modes, 18 stages, more than 80 levels, and OpenFeint integration. The goal? Tap a stone, draw a path, combine like-colored stones to make shapes and then explode them before more shapes fill the board hindering your progress. Sound tough? It is! Plus, each colored stone has a special effect; some speed up play, some slow it down, some even make stones fly. These special effects plus unique missions on each level keep gamers on their flippy toes and keep the game fresh.

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