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ARC Squadron Goes Free on iOS and Android

ARC Squadron: Redux is free to download on your iOS or Android device. Launched by Psyonix, it has improved graphics, performance and a new streamlined game progression system which completely revamps last years release.

ARC Squadron: Redux story:

In the far-reaches of the galaxy the epic battle for freedom wages on. An evil race known as the Guardians is taking over the universe, ravaging planets and killing all peaceful life forms. As the sole remaining members of the ARC Squadron, players are tasked with discovering weaknesses in the Guardian defenses and bringing about its downfall. With simple one-touch controls, players can shoot, blast and annihilate enemy forces to hunt down each of the nine Guardian lords and destroy the evil empire once and for all. Hours of gameplay await, with nine complete missions – each of which contains a wormhole for an added challenge, along with a huge boss battle at the end of each mission – three difficulty modes, six ships to choose from and ten upgradeable weapons with different characteristics and destruction options.

Download from iTunes or Google Play.