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Thumb Arcade Release First iPhone Bundle

Have you ever wondered why there haven’t been any bundles of iPhone games? Thumb Arcade have seen this gap that needs filling and Angry Robot: Wall Street Titan was added to nine other titles in the bundle.

Dark Tonic is a small indie developer consisting of an award-winning team led by Eric Boosman and they’re delighted to have Angry Robot: Wall Street Titan included in the Thumb Arcade iOS Discount App Bundle.

“We couldn’t be more proud to be part of this bundle! Not only is the set of games top notch, but the real story here is the support of One Day’s Wages, a grassroots organization changing the way we help one another and making a big difference in the lives of truly needy people across the world. Great games, great value, and, more importantly, a great cause!”

said Dark Tonic’s Eric Boosman.
Sentinel 3: Homeworld, Forever Lost: Episode 1, Circulets, Kill the Clowns, Dragon Siege, War of Words, Fruits ‘n’ Tails, IncrediBlox and Chicks Ahead are the other titles in the bundle.

“It was like a dare when I was told it can’t be done,” says Andy Rosic, founder of Selfpubd, the parent company of Thumb Arcade. “We’re a growing startup, helping indie developers, with a modest goal: change the jacked up app discovery process forever!”

Angry Robot: Wall Street Titan details:

Take control of the “Wall Street Titan”, a giant robot built by evil Wall Street CEO Filcher Crapsworth to destroy and subjugate the masses. Despite Crapsworth’s worst intentions, the Titan has been reprogrammed by an anonymous hacktivist to turn on its corrupt corporate creators and fight the good fight!
Wreak havoc as a rampaging, robotic Robin Hood now on the side of the 99%! Destroy the evil bankers, liberate their loot, and protect the innocent masses. Squash the suits, wield your robo-energy shield, and counter attack with massive blasts to protect yourself against the mercenary backup the baddies call in!

  • Physics Based Destruction & Mayhem
  • Classic Arcade Style Action
  • Addictive Mini-Objectives
  • Loads of Crazy Power-ups
  • Sarcastic Tongue-in-cheek Humor
  • Remove All In-Game Ads for Free

You can find out more about Angry Robot: Wall Street Titan at and the Thumb Arcade bundle at