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Stuntman Eddie Jumps Across iOS and Android

Stuntman Eddie from Go Games is a free-to-play casual game that will help you survive that commute or visit to the toilet as long as you’re careful and don’t spend too long on there until your knees are red and your legs go dead.

Stuntman Eddie details:

So rev up and start your daredevil journey! Jumping cars, trucks and buses before progressing and performing even more daring jumps across canyons, city rooftops, shark infested waters and more! Skill and timing is of the essence as you manoeuvre Eddie through rings of fire, panes of glass, over helicopters and perform mid-air stunts such as the Coffin, Superman and the amazing Whirlwind before nailing that perfect landing to maximise your score!

  • New Fun Controls: A unique new stunt bike experience!
  • Career: A highly addictive 3 Star level based mode (100+ levels)!
  • Social Stadium: Create your own jumps and show off on the leaderboard!
  • Daily Challenge: A chance every day to earn bonus rewards!
  • Tours: Compete with friends over 5 consecutive jumps in an effort to beat their scores and take their trophies!
  • 8 Upgradable Bikes: Upgrade your bike (Power, Suspension, Grip and Weight) and purchase new bikes as you progress.
  • 10 Stunts: Learn and unlock ever increasingly impressive stunts as you progress including the Superman, Coffin, Tsunami, Whirlwind.
  • 75+ Missions: Complete missions to gain extra rewards.
  • 6 Fun Power Ups: Including the Rocket, Parachute, Slow-Mo and more.
  • Challenge Friends: Post a challenge to beat your score on any level and you both gain coins when they do!
  • Achievements to earn!
  • 5 Leaderboards.
  • Share Videos: Share your best jumps via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter!