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Dragon Season is Upon Us

Get your nets out and saddle your horses as we go… Oh, it’s not that kind of season? Grab your mobile phones and take control of a dragon, shooting and destroying everything in sight!

Right Pedal Studios and Ghostbox have created a little character called Nook, no, not the one in that Nintendo game about animals or product from Barnes & Noble, a little dragon who has to rescue his friends from the clutches of King Jellyboo.

Dragon Season features:

Upgradable Destruction ! – Mix and match new fireballs for even more explosions!
Unique Quest System! – Different to anything you’ve played before. Rescue Nook’s buddies and complete their quests to level up and unlock cool new stuff!
Crazy costumes! – Dress Nook up in a bunch of wild costumes and hats, including Astronaut, Ninja and Hombre!
Crazy Competitive ! – Connect to Facebook to compete with your friends on the leaderboard!
Changing Seasons! – Fly through summer, fall, winter and spring with new friends to rescue!

If all that sounds good to you, see it for yourself on Google Play (US only) or the App Store.