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ACNL in October – Pumpkin Hell

ACNL (Animal Crossing: New Leaf) keeps up with real world events, obviously as it was October, Halloween was the featured theme, but since I don’t ‘celebrate’ Halloween, I just played as normal.

Jack came to town, I didn’t know until the wife told me, so when I went on to find him, he gave me a little speech about Halloween and then gave me something. All I knew was that it was something I had to wear during Halloween, there were other items for sale in the Able Sisters shop, but I wasn’t really that bothered about buying anything.

Also throughout the month, various items were for sale in the T.I.Y. (or T&T Mart, depending how far you’ve upgraded the store) such as furniture and furnishings.

I didn’t really go too mad with it, I mainly bought the carpet and a couple of Candy, but I didn’t even bother playing on October 31st in order to not have the residents come up to me asking for stuff. I didn’t have enough candy anyway and as I said, I don’t celebrate it because it’s not classed as a holiday

There were a few campers in the town which was surprising and made me question how many residents (excluding the wife and I) could live in the town. At the moment, there are 12, including us, I thought it was 10 maximum?!

Gracie appeared to give her fashion check and I had no idea what was going to happen. The main theme was sporty

There was another fishing tournament, but I don’t bother to participate due to already winning the Gold trophy (got Silver last time due to wife catching a shark, I can’t catch sharks for some reason). No point winning the same trophy over and over…

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw who was camping in town. I’d seen him before in someone else’s town and thought he was the most cutest character, so when I entered the tent and saw Stitches, I just had to make him a resident!

Gracie came back again with another test which was a little harder since I don’t really have much variety in clothes, but I managed to get a couple of things together to pass.

I went to visit Pancetti since she wasn’t out and about and was greeted with one of the strangest greetings I think I’ve ever had in the game. I’m not sure that saying someone’s follicles look formidable is actually a compliment you give to someone, no matter how well you know them. Not in n a serious way, anyway.

So I went to find Diva and brought her to Pancetti’s house as requested and things didn’t go down too well. It peeved Diva that she had been called for the sake of a warning about a puddle. No my problem, just doing a deed…

We seemed to have gotten quite an influx of campers this month. With the departure of Leo, another camper arrived in the form a horsey character named Clyde. He was OK, but we didn’t really want him in our town, not cute enough.

Once I got news that Stitches had moved in to town, I went straight over to see him. It didn’t occur to me that he wouldn’t talk much due to his stuff not unpacked and still in boxes. So I waited a while and carried on with other stuff, to return the next day.

As Halloween was almost upon us, a special gift from Nintendo was being delivered by Pete. I didn’t play until evening time, so it was pretty dark when I received the Pumpkin Pie which just stayed in my inventory.

The day after I’d visited Stitches in his new home, I went back to see if he had unpacked his stuff. His house was like something PeeWee Herman would have created, so colourful and child-like, it was great to have him in town!

One night, there was a meteor storm, so as is now the usual ritual, I waited to see one and wished upon it. I can’t remember what I got in the post as a surprise, it’s usually something you don’t want or need, so I most likely sold it.

There was another little camper in town near the end of the month, but since we already seemed to be over the Animal Crossing: New Leaf limit and there was an unwanted guest already moving in, I wasn’t sure if coaxing them to move to MGTown was a good idea.

Finally, the Fortune Teller was back in town and because we want her to open a shop here, we’ve been visiting her every time.

Still got quite a few visits to make before she opens up shop, but she isn’t in town very often, so it’s a long process.