Yay For Blank Paper!

While watching the episode of The Blacklist featuring the waster from Weeds as the bad guy, there was a part where he ‘blew up’ some ‘money’ to cause a distraction while he got away. Only, it wasn’t quite money.

It was so blatant, you didn’t need to pause (if you recorded it on DVR or watched it some other way) to see that it wasn’t even pretend money, but just pieces of paper. They even got the extras to grab it as excitedly as they can to make it seem as though they were really grabbing hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The Blacklist money error

A bit of a poor effort in what is one of the better shows on television at the moment. They’re obviously not going to use real money, but at least make an effort to make things look a bit more realistic.

It doesn’t have to be perfectly printed due to it flying everywhere anyway, but don’t just use plain paper and think you can get away with it, that’s just bad.

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