Createrria Puts You in a Flap

Createrria is a game creator which allows you to create your own games. It has been updated to include the ability to create your own version of a certain fluttering vertebrate, luckily, your game can only be shared with the Createrria community.

The update features new mechanics which allow the ‘tapping’ gameplay feature and the new Eclipse graphics theme enables the creator to use that oh-so-familiar style akin to Limbo, Nihilumbra and many other titles.
Createrria Eclipse

  • New graphics theme (Eclipse)
  • New gameplay mechanic for those ‘flappy’ inspired games
  • New items – triggered door and moving saw
  • Sky backgrounds for all existing themes
  • New avatar and profile décor
  • Major performance improvements for older devices
  • Plenty of minor fixes and improvements

If you’d like to download Createrria, visit the iTunes App Store and if you would like more information, visit