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Daedalic Get Puzzled with Tablets

Daedalic Entertainment are known for Deponia and Edna & Harvey, two games which are coming to the iPad and Android tablets in puzzle form. You simply slide pieces of a puzzle into place to form a picture based from a background of the game.

More info:
Each game features 96 puzzles in the form of the popular backgrounds from the award winning Deponia trilogy and Edna & Harvey series. Offering players a new brain-teasing experience, the games will challenge player’s skills as they combine pieces of artwork from the successful adventure games.

The games feature three single player modes as well as a competitive versus-mode where players can pit their abilities against one another. With variable difficulty settings including up to 190 pieces per puzzle and other surprises such as rotating images, Deponia- The Puzzle and Edna & Harvey – The Puzzle will deliver maximum mobile puzzling fun!
They’re not released until March, but will cost £1.49 on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.