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Circix, the Surprisingly Good Puzzler

Sometimes, devs will just contact on Twitter with “try out our game” or something along those lines, which isn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t hurt to reach out in such a straightforward manner and it’s just what @CircixGame did, so here’s a post about Circix.

Puzzle games that make me think too much are bad. If it requires too much brain power and I haven’t had at least two mugs of coffee, then you have no chance of me getting very far in your game.

Circix has those moments where you know you’ve got it right, but can’t understand why there’s a spare circuit left over. Some levels have you scratching your head and if you listen closely enough, you can almost hear the grey matter grinding away.

250 levels spread across Basic, Intermediate and Advanced packs is a good chunk of gameplay which should last you a jolly good while. The premise is simple; connect circuits together to form connections.

You only need to connect once in the Basic pack, but then things get a little trickier later on when you’ll need to connect to some circuits twice.

Circix is nice and simple, the kind of game you can lie on the floor and swipe away at the screen to pass some time. Before I knew it, an hour had passed and I was only halfway through the Intermediate levels.

It’s so easy to become engrossed that you lose track of time, but it’s definitely one to have a quick go of while visiting the little boys room.

It’s testament to what indie development is about, making something simple, yet widely accepted for everyone to play. If there’s just one complaint I need to make it’s about the size of the adverts. I don’t mind ads if it means the game can stay free, but they’re a little too intrusive and cover up too much of the bottom of the screen.

The in-app purchases for Circix are sensible, although I think the hints are somewhat expensive with 10 for 69p or 50 for £1.99 (Android prices).

The Intermediate 2 and Advanced 2 packs are decent at 69p each and I’m not sure what the two Tablet packs are, but they’re 79p each and of course there’s the obligatory Remove Ads for 99p.

It’s free on Android, iOS and Windows Phone and the extra levels packs are cheap enough to extend your enjoyment, so I’d say it’s well worth checking out and spending some quality time with.

Visit the official website to get more info.