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Pigs Will Fly in Crisp Bacon

You’re sitting there, bored and playing on your phone or tablet, doing nothing in particular when you decide to see what’s available on Google Play. The problem is, it’s all the same old stuff and obvious apps featuring in-app purchases to suck more money out of you.

That’s why you should try Crisp Bacon. It’s a fun, colourful game with the most simple of controls, jump and duck. The idea is to run, jump, crawl and fart through levels and get to the end before losing all your hearts (health).
There are items to pick up throughout the level such as drinks and hot peppers which either give you a little fart boost while in the air or a full-on ring-stinger.
The first level is simple, a nice example just to get you into the game and can be completed just by using one finger and jumping. It shows that you don’t have to be an Android genius to make something so addictive. The graphics and animations are great, the sound is light and funky, just the kind of thing you expect from a game like this.
I started Crisp Bacon and was met with two on-screen buttons, one in the bottom-left with an arrow pointing up and another in the bottom-right with an arrow pointing down.
When you reach levels with things to collect, they appear above the right button and since you’re most likely to be airbourne when the ‘power-ups’ are needed, it makes sense for them to be there.
Each level should take around 30 seconds or so to complete and to unlock more levels, you use the in-game currency, acorns. Some of the levels are introduced by some chat between Crisp Bacon and a critter relevant to that level, this adds a story, meaning some thought has been put into the game and not just some meaningless rubbish thrown together.
One of the things you’ll find yourself doing is pressing the jump button when you don’t need to, this becomes annoying, but that’s no fault of the game.
You can see some statistics of your game time and there are settings to tweak, it’s really a full and proper game and worth checking out as something you’ll soon keep trying to master.
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