People of Facebook Groups

What is it with some people in Facebook groups? It’s like they feel it a duty to post an image every day. What makes it worse is the group I’m referring to in particular is about the paranormal TV show, Most Haunted.

It’s been off the air for some time, but there was a thing not long ago on the TV channel Really which featured Yvette that was a bit of a flop until she got properly involved, but wasn’t anything to do with Most Haunted.

Most Haunted still has a rather big following, despite only repeats on Pick TV showing and a possibility of it returning to TV later this year (no specific details yet). I like the show, but the wife is more of a devoted fan, which is why we’re a member of the official Facebook group.

Some people are nice and just go along with things without causing any fuss. Some are trolls and try to get people worked up, so they’ll retaliate and get kicked out of the group. Some, without wanting to sound nasty, are annoying.

The Most Haunted group is to discuss the TV show and other general paranormal stuff, including other TV shoes as long as it’s not blatant advertising. What’s annoying is how some people think it’s their civic duty to post an image every day, like they feel like they HAVE to to fit in, not realising that not many care if they do or don’t.

If you’re part of a group or page on Facebook, don’t feel you HAVE to do ANYTHING every day if you’re just a member. Having discussions is fine, but when you’re posting photographs that are fake and have even been debunked, you’re just going to annoy other members who will say something, then be told to be nice.

No, I’m actually on the side of the people who are fed up with the daily posting of pictures which haven’t had any thought put behind them and not even offered to be discussed. Just stop. Please, stop. For the sake of keeping peace and harmony within the group, stop.

Thank you.