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CSI: Hidden Crimes Detected on Mobile Devices

CSI is one of the longest running shows on TV, so it stands to reason there would be games based on it. CSI: Hidden Crimes is reminiscent of the Facebook game (if you remember or played that), but on mobile devices.

Game info:
The hidden object game features cases written by CSI: Crime Scene Investigation writer Jack Gutowitz. Players take on the role of a new detective in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’s crew to help fight crime in Las Vegas with everything needed to solve a crime right at the players’ fingertips. Players will be able to scour the crime scenes of Las Vegas, piece together clues, and analyze them to help solve the murders and bring justice to the victims.

Eight episodes are available at launch, with many more to be unlocked. Connect with friends to unlock levels and progress further into the game. (Hence, like the Facebook game)

  • Free-to-Play Hidden Object Game
    Discover & explore a crime scene, process it to find clues, analyse them – use your brain to patch it all together and get one more criminal off the streets of Las Vegas. Logic & observation will be your key allies!
  • Based on the Hit TV Show
    Feel the excitement of being on a case, find glory in unlocking a game-changing situation, team up with friends to progress faster in the game and put murderers behind bars. But watch out, as with any episode, the unpredictable can always happen!
  • Stay On the Case
    CSI: Hidden Crimes brings you new cases regularly & is accessible on your smartphones & tablets. Play whenever you want, wherever you need!

If all that is your kind of thing, go download it now from Google Play or the App Store.