Vita's Near Goes Far Away

You may have heard that the PS Vita is going to lose a couple of it’s features, starting with Maps or Near. This makes sense since it was probably hardly ever used and PlayStation are all about games, not silly pointless features.

Emails have been sent out to registered users with a link that takes you to an FAQ, explaining what’s going on from March of 2015.
Q: What do you mean by some features of “near” will be disabled? What will I not be able to do on “near” ?
A: “near” will not be able to obtain location address, or display maps.
Q: What happens to the data I achieved while using “Maps” and “near” on PS Vita?
A: “near”:
Information that were [sic] obtained before the update such as (1) Address information of “Out-and-About History”, “Out-and-About Radar” and “Local Chart”, (2) Address of “Private Zone Settings” will remain saved.
*Please note that (1) will be deleted after 7 days and (2) will be deleted if the private zone setting is cancelled.
Information such as “Bookmark” saved within the application will be deleted simultaneously with the feature disablement.
So, from what I can work out by that, Near will still work and you may still see other Vita owners nearby, but information won;t be saved.
Will you miss Maps or did you ever use it? Do you ever use Near?
A bit more information is on the PS Maps/Near FAQ page.

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