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Once Bitten, Twice Dead Hits Greenlight

Once Bitten, Twice Dead has obvious references and to get them out of the way, let’s just say it’s like if Minecraft and Left 4 Dead had a baby. That’s not a bad thing or a complaint, they’re both very successful games!

So, what’s it all about then? It’s a horror survival with a difference, it’s not like your average affair such as The Forest, it’s a bit more colourful with cute looking characters in a voxel-based open world.
Once Bitten Twice Dead

  • True open world environment
  • Venture alone or in a multiplayer team – remember, there’s strength in numbers
  • Take control of vehicles to explore the huge game environment
  • Harvest, craft, cook and survive
  • Random boss encounters
  • Competitive arenas and death match modes
  • Outbreak mode, where YOU play as the infected

Dark Day Interactive need your help with the game, you see, it’s on Steam’s Greenlight and could do with your vote in order to see it released on Steam. There are also plans to release Once Bitten, Twice Dead on the Wii U.
To vote for Once Bitten, Twice Dead on Greenlight, you just have to visit the page and if you’re logged in, vote.