Next-Gen Consoles, What I like

There are obvious differences between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but what is it you like about each console? Forget the games, this isn’t about which game looks better or has a higher or lower resolution and frames per second, it’s about features and what they do.

The main feature I wanted in the new generation consoles was social sharing. I’m not a bragger or elitist, I just like sharing my experience and what I encounter in video games, so tweeting pics or uploading videos was something I most anticipated.

The PlayStation 4 does this very well, because, as it’s advertising campaign said, it’s “4 the players”. Sony knows that gamers like to show off their gaming, whether it be streaming on Twitch or a picture of something awesome on Twitter.

The PS4 is better at sharing pics, but when it comes to uploading video, you’re pretty limited and it doesn’t always work. That’s where the XB1 takes a slight edge. Although the PS4 can record up to 15 minutes, uploading it is quite dodgy and SHAREFactory doesn’t seem compatible with YouTube.

You can record the last 5 minutes of your game with the Xbox One, create clips and either upload it to the Xbox UPLOAD service or even OneDrive which you can then view on any compatible device. You can then tweet a link to the clip which is hosted on or if you’ve also uploaded it to OneDrive, you could download the file to upload to YouTube.

In terms of tech and features, I think the PS4 edges ahead of the XB1. It’s easier to navigate and apparently has graphical advantages (PS4 has more ‘foliage’ than the XB1 version of Grand Theft Auto 5), but it’s the social sharing (even Twitch) that makes the PS4 the winner for me.

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