Getting No spam in the Spam Folder

Are you fed up of getting so much spam in your spam folder? What if you could stop the spam from even entering the spam folder? The following applies to GMail, but you could probably do something similar on other web/desktop clients.

I set up an email account on GMail, purposefully for the sake of random stuff. Kind of like a permanent disposable email address, but still used for some actual logins on some websites, just not ones I want associated with my main GMail account.

As usual after a while, I started getting the usual spam about poker/gambling sites and that enlargement spam from the people who usually put your name in the subject. This gave me an idea of how to send this spam straight to the bin, so I don’t have to deal with it every time I check it online.

Example: your email address is [email protected]

You would need to enter DarthVader* in the Subject box. The asterisk is a wildcard in case they put your full email address in the subject. Then click Create filter with this search

This is where you decide what to do with any emails containing the filter. Since this is about dealing with it before you even see it, select Delete it and the spam will go straight to the Bin. Don’t worry about any legitimate mail getting caught, you can always check the Bin or if that’s not available for some reason, check All Mail.

You could probably go with the suggested effort of adding something to your email address, such as (I have no idea if that email address really exists, it most likely does and if it does and it results in unsolicited spam, I’m very sorry and maybe you could use the tips suggested here?), but that still requires a certain amount of interaction.

This has been aceman giving you some spam-free information which could help you keep your inboxes clean and fresh without the nasty after-taste of porn gambling. If you’ve found it useful, please pass it on!